2020 Hyundai Kona Diesel

2020 Hyundai Kona Diesel

2020 Hyundai Kona Diesel - Hyundai is here! wished to become the primary Asian carmaker in Europe in early 2021 and maintain its design collection in respect with this particular ambition. SUVs are booming and today Korea is participating in developments with the Great Santa Fe, Santa Fe and Tucson models.

We equally went gas: 3 cylinders with 120 horsepower and 4 cylinders with 177 hp.
We travel equally versions of gas, which are ready for industry launch. For a four-cylinder with 177 hp Hyundai expects around 30 % share of sales in Indonesia, though it is an energetically above-average motorbike for this school of vehicles and pushes a forced mixture with all-wheel travel and double clutch transmission, the purchase price is increasing. But as well as that, it matches completely with an SUV, which weighs only over 1.4 tons, pushes it clearly and, with a sound such as for instance a stitching equipment, often stays quiet in the background. This also relates to the double clutch transmission function method, which converts eight things in a impressive and appropriate manner - at the very least provided that that you don't scare Kona on the rotating hill road. Here are a few paddle shifters on the steering wheel, because by changing to activity method, the gearbox keeps the in-patient equipment lengthier, but changing kit remains also rare at the best time. But, Hyundai does perhaps not provide paddles, so only the selector lever changes remain in the handbook change gate.

Kona drives agile through curves and springs well.
That desire arises at all, but additionally due to Kona's overall voice. He thinks agile and realistic, may travel with a fairly friendly steering feedback which was never inappropriate on the corner. Strong understanding or substantial lateral behaviors with foreigners with an astonishing reaction to sudden gasoline release, individuals are prone to struggle using their joints at the doorway and center console, due to the seat, unlike a corner offering a little lateral support. May be the suspension comfort also small in this style? Certainly not, in addition to the 18-inch wheels installed, Kona harasses its occupants on bad street areas perhaps not with irritating lumps or with a powerful suspension steering.


That doesn't change, in the event that you change to a weaker three-cylinder edition with 120 hp. With him, Kona is only below 150 kilograms light, not just in charge of decrease motor fat, because the tiny gas version is also channeled with all-wheel travel and double clutch transmission. Subjectively, additionally, it lacks personality, even though factory requirements for velocity (12.0 as opposed to 7.9 seconds for 0 to 100 km / h) and the greatest pace (181 as opposed to 205 km / h) talk various languages. Anyway, the three cylinders are usually acoustically acknowledged that way, the drums are pleased and set themselves up from 2000 / minutes who're committed to these things, changing things with a six-speed world doesn't need effort. It is a shame that computerized dual clutch or four-wheel travel isn't available at one more cost - then probably more than 70 % will be determined with this engine.


Compact SUV celebrates IAA premier 1: 14 min.
Silly as Kona looks from the outside, the inner is indeed controlled: dominated by dark and really old-fashioned structure. As an example, the digital present behind the steering wheel doesn't merge right into a big electronic cockpit, but rather displays pace, a tachometer, a energy measure and a pc installed as standard. The optional eight-inch touchscreen display is attached with the dashboard, so the driver has a great view, however the point of view is not too limited. The optional dark leather chair is relaxed, but contributes only a little lateral help, the steering wheel is effectively located thanks to the sleep epidermis in hand. If you wish to have a bit more shade internally, you can order Kona at one more cost with decorative designs and red, calcium or lemon stitches. Excellent details: Wires may also be available in the correct colors. The middle console provides a intelligent storage space for house recommendations, intelligent phones and such - needless to say this can be stored effectively in the inductive launching region, offered it has been ordered.