The Most Common Problems with Brick Chimneys  

Fireplaces are luxuries that your family can take advantage of during the cold winter season. Unfortunately, homeowners only notice their fireplaces when it starts getting cold. But then, maintenance must happen twice a year at least. 

If you think that you have a problem with your brick chimney, then what you need is an expert in brick repair in Saint Louis MO to help you out. There are many issues with brick fireplaces that you can’t fix on your own.  These are the major problems with chimneys that you need help with:  

1. Chimney Buildup 

If you clean the fireplace after every burn, then there are fewer chances of buildup. However, it’s not always easy to clean fireplaces after all the logs have been burned because the ashes are still too hot to handle. The idea is to keep the ash from building up to hazardous levels. If you think that you need help with chimney buildup, then you have to hire the experts.  

2. Chimney Blockage 

Your chimney should be clear of any debris. If there’s any blockage, like a bird’s nest on the top of the chimney, then it has to be removed before using the fireplace. If you don’t, then you run the risk of burning it, which could lead to a house fire. Always check for blockage before using the fireplace. If you can’t see the top of the sky, then it probably has a blockage and you need a chimney repair expert to handle that.  

3. Brickwork Issues  

One of the most difficult things to fix on a chimney is the brickwork. Chimneys are usually made of bricks and if there’s even one that’s missing, then a major problem could occur. A missing brick endangers the structural integrity of the chimney so it has to be fixed right away. Most problems with chimneys start with a crack in the brick or mortar that become large over time.  

4. Flashing Damage 

Keeping the chimney dry is the key to working fireplaces. If there’s damage to the flashing, then water will penetrate into the chimney and that’s a major issue for you. If you notice any problem with the flashing on your brick chimney, then it’s time to call the experts. A roofing contractor may possibly help you fix the issue.  

5. Chimney Crown Cracks 

The crown is found at the top of a chimney. You may not know its existence, but the role of this crown is very important. It keeps the chimney from the effects of the changes in weather, more particularly hurricanes and winter ice storms. Chimney crowns have to be sealed properly so that it won’t be affected by the elements.   

If you want to extend the life of your brick chimney and enjoy adequate heat during the colder months, then these are the things that you should check out. It’s important that you have a brick expert check the mortar and every brick, and replace anything that’s cracked, faulty, or damaged before things get worse.